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Muscle Check

150g Sports Power Personal Size Soak

150g Sports Power Personal Size Soak

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Our Sports Power Personal Size Soak is a Game Changer!  Here at Muscle Check we believe in the power of Epson Salt Foot and Bath Soaks so much that we have spent years perfecting the ultimate blends of minerals and oils that will invigorate, revitalize and potentially renew any damaged muscles while you soak your troubles away. Epsom Salts, aka magnesium sulfate, Muscle Checks therapeutic blend of powerful plant derivatives oils, aka  anti-inflammatory, antioxidants and Sodium Carbonate aka baking soda is a perfect combination for recovery.  When you need to make greater gains, get better and more visible results, you can count on us for out- of- the- gym support and our non-invasive Power Soak that genuinely works.

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