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Fuel Like a Bear - Honey Energy Gel 5 Flavour Pack

Fuel Like a Bear - Honey Energy Gel 5 Flavour Pack

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Discover the digestive benefits of Fuel Like a Bear Honey Energy Gel 5 Flavour Variety pack. With active enzymes like alpha-amylase and a balanced glucose/fructose ratio, this gel not only provides a powerful energy boost but also calms the stomach. Stay energized and moving with the naturally occurring enzymes from bees.

Includes one of each flavour:

Key Lime  -  Cinnamon Bun  -  Lemon Ginger  -  Orange Cream  -  Lemonade

1) At 2% added sea salt, it helps your cells maintain the right balance of fluid. (sodium is the most abundant electrolyte ion found in the body.)

It is essentially a unique 1:1 glucose to fructose ratio whic is proven easier on the stomach the the 2:1 in most suger based energy gels 

2) Unlike liquid honey, the proprietary process to naturally create a soft gel-like consistency with our honey. Never gritty, completely shelf stable, active enzymes, and always smooth and tasty.

3) The feedback from expert athletes and wellness enthusiasts in the Muscle Check community has been overwhelmingly positive, with a full thumbs-up rating.


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