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  • Angela

    "Love this product. Tried the muscle soak tonight and it's fantastic too! Feels so good on sore muscles and joints and a little goes a long way. Bonus for clearing those sinuses as well." 

  • Marianne

    "This cream is fantastic! My whole family uses it and swears by it. It really works!!" 

  • Jodie

    "I absolutely love this product!!! I suffer with Fibromyalgia and I have tried so many products out there..... This one actually works!!! I highly recommended it!!!!!!!"

  • Crystal

    "We have kept Muscle Check in the house for a few years now and never put it away we use it so often. It's our go to for everything from headaches to Plantar Faciatis. Last week I tweaked my Sciatic and tried everything for the first 2 days, nothing worked and i could barely walk, sit or lay down without extreme pain. I finally clued in to use Muscle Check and massaged a good amount into the area before bed. Woke up that morning feeling amazing! I kept applying for 2 more days and the pain was gone. Can't recommend this product enough, its truly a staple for me." 

  • Mike

    "I was working an event for Toyota at the Crossroads Market in Calgary and lifted something the wrong way. I ended up with some pain in my lower back. I happened to notice Muscle Check and talked with Shelly the owner. She applied some twice through out the day as I worked and ended up having no pain in the area where it seemed injured. I highly recommend her product. It really works fast."

  • Margot

    "I bought some after seeing the ad on FB. I was having trouble with some sciatic pain. I applied some at bed time and the pain was gone in the morning. I continued to use morning and night for a few days to make sure the pain didn't come back. I have been pain free for several weeks now. It has also helped the arthritic pain in my thumbs. Thanks Muscle Check."

  • Lisa

    "I just tried the Epsom salts and they are amazing!!!! And as for the rub, hands down the best pain relief rub I’ve ever used."

  • Karemi

    "I've been having an issue with a herniated disc, I tried this stuff today at a farmers market and it's worked like nothing else has so far!"

  • Mar

    "This works so quickly, it is all natural and provides real relief!"

  • Nolah

    "Had a MVA and did my first long drive to YYC, was in a ton of pain and this product was waiting for me at the end of my drive. WOW calmed down all of the neck and back spasms I have been having after my drive!! Thank you!"

  • Brenda

    "I have a lot of leg and knee pain from chemo medication and chemo it's self. I use this and I personally don't need pain relief medication."

  • WF

    "My sister-in-law gave me a bottle of this for my husband, which he never used so I gave it to my Dad. He is 80 years old and has severe knee pain. He uses it 2-3 times a day and said it definitely helps with the pain. He has just ordered 2 more!!"

  • Julie

    "Amazing fast results for muscle aches and pains. Highly recommend it!"

  • Bonnie

    "Amazing product. Been using it for years."

  • Stacey

    "Love this for my horse's arthritic knees and great for sore back muscles."

  • Colleen

    "Really gets rid of the pain, and quickly too! Definitely will continue to use."

  • Mandy

    "Nothing compares. NOTHING. Try it; you’ll see!"

  • Sandra

    "I just received this and WOW can't believe how well it worked to relieve my pain. 2 thumbs up."

  • Matthew

    "I am a multi-day ultrarunner. During a recent 6 day race, I use Muscle Check as my exclusive muscle rub and I am hooked!"

  • Dale

    "I have been using Muscle Check pain relief ointment for just over a week now, and have nothing but good things to say. I've had a sore wrist - which may be arthritis or a strain - and I've used it on my wrist every morning. It is very soothing, and lasts a while, love the fact that it's all natural, and after a few minutes, I find I don't even think about my wrist any longer, so it eases the pain away. I also used it on a sore shoulder - same results. I recommend this product for pain relief, be it stiffness, arthritis, strains, whatever. Two thumbs up (without pain!)."

  • Pam

    "This is what the doctor should order. All natural and works instantly for my knee pain. I would definitely recommend."

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