Muscle Check Team

Shelly Rimes


Shelly Rimes RMT, Formulations Creator, 
CEO & Founder of Muscle Check Sport and Arthritis Inc.

Mission statement:  To have you smile and say “I’ve had a better day today!”

Shelly Rimes began her journey to the “Muscle Check Formula Creation” as a certified fitness and weight training instructor. In 1996 while working as a special trainer for body builders and RMT for elite athletes, she became intrigued with soft tissue Body Therapy and Applied Movement. 

She quickly certified as a Therapeutic Massage Therapist with special interest in Sport Injury Massage and Body Movement related to muscle function. She opened three Therapeutic clinics in Alberta with treatment, training and teaching modalities. 

For 7 years she partnered with Doctor Yong Kwoon Kwan from Korea,  observing and learning to combine both Western and Chinese soft tissue healing modalities. 

Muscle Check’s active ingredients has a correlation with acupuncture as its formula blend creates similar body responses as an Acupuncture needle.  

Her talent for observation of muscle function is unique.  She is very well known within the industry for getting to the root of muscle movement problems with her unique observation and astute palpation skills.  Often known as the “Good Hands therapist” she has worked with thousands of people from the general public to high level athletes.  

Over the years Shelly has  provided  massage therapy and Muscle Check Ointment to numerous musical artists, celebrities and professional Athletes.

Sheryl Crow, The Tragically Hip, Calico Cooper (Alice) I Mother Earth, Los Lobos,  and was head Therapist for the Lilith Fair Tour when in Calgary in  1998 and 1999.   Athletes from The CFR , WHL, NHL, CFL, Chinese Olympic Speed Skating team, Canadian Olympic Bob Sledders,   International  Speed Skaters , Olympians Michael Smith and Georgette Reed,   Athletes from the Senior PGA

Shelly began to create Natural Health products for Professional Athletes in particular Hockey Players Knees  while working on the sport sidelines as an injury RMT specialist. In 2010 she created a powerful 100% natural, drug free product called “Muscle Check Sport and Arthritis Ointment”. Her goal was to develop a better solution than those that existed and to stop drugging the whole body to get Pain Relief.

In 2014 Shelly decided to work together with Health Canada and obtain NPN status for her Pain Relief Products. The rigorous licensing procedures took several years but now Muscle Check Sport and Arthritis Ointment is a top contender in pain relief treatment and is relied upon by people of all ages and walks of life with a variety of muscle and joint issues.

Watch this revealing interview with Shelly about the journey and purpose of creating her signature product.