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Please read this page carefully and click on the links to familiarize yourself with our affiliate program.

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Your Affiliate link
By now you must have received an email from the affiliate tracking software we use, with an affiliate link specific to you.

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Your user name is the email you signed up with. Click forget password if you need to reset it.

How and where to use your Affiliate link
You have to use your affiliate link every single time you mention and promote Muscle Check online (website, social media, emails, articles, etc)

As mentioned, this link is specific to you. This is the way the software tracks the clicks and sales you make. If you are not using this link we are not able to reward you for your efforts and you lose out.

Always use your affiliate link

when promoting Muscle Check online

In order to keep your Affiliate status with Muscle Check you have to accomplish a few things online every month. Don’t worry, this will not be difficult and we are here to help you.

Here is the expectation breakdown for each level. 

Make sure you reach the Affiliate
Expectation for your level each month!

We are here to help you so we created images, banners, emails, articles and social media posts you can copy to use as is or change slightly and use it on your favorite online account.

Don’t forget you ALWAYS  have to add your own affiliate link.

Click here to access our Creatives Repository.

Use our CREATIVES repository!

How to track your affiliate commission
Sign into your Tapfiliate account ( and click on the Dashboard (top left on the screen)

Payout happens once you  reach $250 CAD in commissions.


  • Monthly Affiliate meeting – on the first Thursday of the month at 7 pm MST.
    We will notify you and give you the zoom link to join. This is your opportunity to ask questions and our time to inform you on upcoming special offers you will be able to promote. Don’t miss it!
  • Monthly Newsletter – this is dedicated to you and we’ll provide tips on how to promote and any news we need to share.
  • Emergency Support – please reach out to Lexi if you are stuck and need help urgently. Keep in mind this is for emergencies only.
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