Neck Pain – Self Care Tips

In this post MuscleCheck’s owner, Shelly Rimes, is going to provide some self-care tips to help you reduce and relieve neck pain at home.
Neck pain is a very common problem that seems to be growing worse in our modern world. Most of us had neck pain at one point or another and know it’s no fun. Neck pain can be just a local pain or can be associated with pain radiation down on one or both arms.
How can you take care of neck pain “Naturally” without reaching for that bottle of NSAIDs {which can have many side effects if you use them long-term)?
Several things can cause neck pain, including pre-existing health concerns, sprained or strained neck muscles, poor body posture, and previous accidents.
Let’s check out a few of the most common neck pain triggers below:

#1- Sleeping without correct neck Alignment

Neck alignment
The pillow you choose can assist in aligning the neck.
We spend many hours with our head on a pillow. I am often asked what pillow is a good one to buy. Here is what I believe to be practical advice:
  • Look for a pillow that lets your head sink into comfy softness but does not push the neck up into a converse curve creating a high floating chin.
  • Pull the pillow down so that it touches your shoulder and let the head create a nice cradle in the pillow.
  • Make sure to not have the pillow pushing the neck up into a floating position.
There are many pillows with all kinds of claims and prices. The Right pillow is the one that supports your neck without pushing your neck correctly.

#2 - Poor posture

Poor posture may result in neck pain by straining the muscles supporting the neck. Over time this will cause neck pain and lead to injury. A very common posture is the head-and-shoulders-forward posture. This will eventually cause neck pain. This happens when the neck slants forward and the head is placed in front of the shoulders.

“Stand up straight!
Stop slouching!”
A 12 lbs head is heavy enough to carry around, don’t you think? Talk about fatigued at 42lbs.

Muscle and Arthritis Pain Relief Ointment

Muscle Check Sport and Arthritis Pain Relief Ointment is an excellent NATURAL option for you and your neck!
When Muscle Check Sport and Arthritis Pain Relief Ointment is rubbed into the neck it gets to work very quickly.
Often there is pain relief within minutes.
It contains 100% natural plant derivative anti-inflammatory and powerful 100% natural  plant based pain relievers in a Beeswax ointment base designed to penetrate quickly, deeply and with power.
Muscle and Arthritis Pain Relief Ointment
When applied generously to your neck it will dilate blood vessels and increase blood flow to the area, relieving pain and nourishing muscle tissue.
One powerful way to help release discomfort is stretching!
Follow along with Team Muscle Check as they demonstrate 3 different mini flows and stretches to help counteract the tightness in your neck and shoulders to offer some much needed relief.
Video #1 - Kim Humphrey Muscle Check team member

Video #2 – Lexi Galbraith Muscle Check team member
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