Muscle Check Sport & Arthritis at Airdrie Farmers Market

I always have a great night when I pop down to be a vendor at the Airdrie Farmers Market.

The organizer, Candice Kolson, is very easy to work with and runs a good market. I always seem to be lucky and have wonderful vendor & arthritis pain relief ointment Alberta

My Airdrie area customers and friends who stop by are so supportive of Muscle Check Sport and Arthritis. It sure is great seeing old friends and meeting new ones.

I do believe outdoor popup markets are one of the hardest in terms of vendor setup of tables, chairs, tents weights, tie downs, banners, stock and canopies etc etc etc. The packing, setup and take-down in the sun, wind and storms often wears you right out. The eye to the sky watching for hail and tornados is added in as well.

I came home smiling tonight as I was able to connect with so many people. For me, outdoor vending is definitely not something I would do all the time but the occasional journey to the Airdrie Farmers Market is my little people fix……..Exactly what I need every so often!

Shelly Rimes, founder and CEO


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