Does Your Back Pain Get Worse in the Fall?

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With Fall just around the corner, here at Muscle Check we are already starting to hear from people with new or worsening Back Pain.
​In fact, this happens almost every Fall.  As the days get shorter and colder lower backs seem to “unexpectedly” get stiff and achy.
So, why does Back Pain get worse this time of year?
There are a few reasons, but the NUMBER 1 reason is: ​As the days get shorter and colder, we are simply less active.  Sustained periods of inactivity, no matter the season or reason, will cause muscles and joints to become weak and stiff.
walking helps reduce back painGO FOR A WALK! SHORT OR LONG FAST OR SLOW – YOU CAN DO IT!
The good news is, unlike the weather, we can control how active we choose to be throughout the Fall.
Applying Muscle Check Sport and Arthritis Ointment generously will most definitely give you Pain Relief.  Yes, it can really be that simple!  Put Muscle Check, slip on a coat and go for walk!

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