Trade Show Calgary - Muscle Check’s first live event

Trade Shows in Calgary used to be a regular event…before…so glad they are back 😊! Now that the restrictions have been lifted (at least most of them) we are finally able to get together and explore new opportunities and revisit old ones. We are just so happy that we were able to attend our first Outdoor Adventure Show in Calgary this past weekend (March 19 & 20, 2022). It was a packed event with lots of visitors and our Muscle Check Sport and Arthritis booth was buzzing. Our products help relieve pain and can penetrate to a deeper level giving instant relief and longer pain relief to those who need it. Many athletes use it, among them many football players. The highlight at this trade show for our booth was the autograph session with 3 amazing professional football players: Kamar Jorden WR, Richie Sindani WR, and Raheem Wilson DB who are members of CFL All Star players! We are happy to share some pictures and a couple of short videos. 




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